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Hi, I'm Anna and here's my story.

Before I was designing digital products, I was psychoanalyzing people. I did my undergraduate degree at Western University in Psychology, which may as well have been a degree in empathy. As a designer, I love applying psychology to my design work. I use my knowledge and understanding of human motivations and behaviours to find creative and effective human-centered design solutions to complex design problems.
Here are some of my favourite things (besides design).
Singing, playing guitar, dancing (I competed for 8 years), karaoke, dogs, Marvel movies, astrology, and good espresso.
Anna Romanovskiy

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Good design is in the eye of the user.

Here are my defining experiences.

UX Design Full-Time Student at RED Academy
In this 12-week immersive program, I learned and practiced UX design processes and principles which I applied to the successful completion of 3 client projects.
Recruiter at IG Wealth Management and Deloitte
2017 - 2018
Throughout my time working in Talent Acquisition, I developed valuable client relationship building and management skills through partnering with Hiring Managers to understand their needs and create targeted recruiting strategies. 
BA Psychology Student at Western University
2012 - 2016
During my undergrad, I studied psychology and learned about human thought, behaviour, personality, motivation, and emotion. My studies allowed me to gain deep insight into my own actions as well as a better understanding of others.

Here's what I'm currently learning.


The Design of Everyday Things 


UX Cake

Writers in Tech

Design Better Podcast

User Defenders

UI Breakfast


Coding (HTML and CSS)

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